Get new viewers / Build your audience

Last Update: Oct 22, 2021

Every days, a lot of people are on their adventure of running a live stream. That’s a good thing: streams never had such a large audience!

While the streaming scene is evolving and is having new users every days, a lot of people get used to watch a stream every day or once a week.

However, it is sometimes hard to find the audience and to get viewers for your stream.

There is many ways to be discovered but they miss a certain predictability. The most efficient one is probably being hosted or raided by a big streamer, and that most likely won’t happen except if you’re able to create a partnership or if you have a lot of luck! Being visible on social networks is also a big thing: it’s an acquisition channel that must be privileged because it could spread quickly.

Of course, to get new viewers and to have them come regularly on your stream are different subjects, but both are very important and should not be ignored.

This is why we’re trying to create a tool to give a new visibility to streamers, to help them get more viewers:

We automatically discover streamers starting their stream when they announce it in a tweet, some info are automatically retrieved on them and on their stream in order to have a good summary to display, and then, viewers will be able to discover you in You want to appear here and to get new viewers? Just tweet that you’re going live with a link to your stream!

We have a lot of ideas for this tool in order to help you, stay tuned.