Happy new year 2020!

Last Update: Jul 14, 2021

Last year we’ve seen an increase of the amount of different streamers and stream type. We’ve also seen an increasing amount of streaming service with the appearance of Mixer!

Among other people, you may have started your own stream? If this is the case, we hope you gave a look at our creation tool which helps you create all the graphics that you need for your stream.

Another good news is that we also observed a big increase of viewers, for sure, the streaming scene is here to stay.

In order to properly start the year 2020, we have some news:

  • we’ve added a new feature in the creation tool: the same way you can enter your social handles to draw them in the overlays, you can now do it in banners generation!
  • we released two new banner themes called Fire and Light
  • we released a new panel theme based on the existing Woody theme.

We hope you will like the new themes and the new feature and as always, stay tuned for the new themes that we will release all over the year!

We want to wish you a happy new year 2020! Let’s go!