Why having a Logo for your stream?

Last Update: Dec 5, 2021

As always, the best advice for streamers to get viewers and regulars is to do what you like, be yourself, be chatty and people will stick with you. It is probably even more important than your content.

However, it is still important to grow a visual style that let your viewers immediately recognize you. It is even more important that your logo may be the only thing viewers are seeing when looking at the active live streams. (e.g. in the left navigation bar on Twitch)

Introducing the new Logo generator!

For these reasons, we have developed a new Logo generation feature, which besides the overlays, banners and panels generator, will let create your stream visuals very easily and in a snap.

This release is a beta release, improvements will be done frequently with new capacities.

For the best results, we advise you to only select an acronym of your streamer namer, or even to go with only the first letter!

If you want to generate your own custom logo, here is a link to the creation tool!